About Me

Welcome to Cash for Games, your one-stop shop for all your nostalgic necessities. With almost 1,000 games on PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 & Xbox platforms, we are one of the biggest upcoming classic retro online stores in New Zealand. We are based in Christchurch and have an arranged pickup location in Halswell.

Hello, my name is Oliver, I'm 19 years old and I've created Cash for Games. My vision is to bring old unused games, gathering dust, back to life. I started this hobby a few years ago when I went on a hunt for some games that filled my earliest memories, original Spyro for PS1, and Spy vs Spy for PS2. I finally traded a pack of stickers from Neon Stickers (a business I started when I was 15) for a pile of old games. I not only got a couple of my favorite nostalgic games but I'd gotten myself a handful of games that were nostalgic to others but didn't mean much to me. I started selling those on Facebook Marketplace and used the money I would make to buy other collections that were gathering dust. I started asking in community groups if anybody had any games they'd like to sell for some cash, I'd offer to pick them up and make it an easy sale for them. Some people weren't happy with me buying and selling, especially using terms like "my collection" in my posts so as of the start of September 2023 I ran my first ad.

I found out it was a lot easier to run a simple ad than it was to post in community groups. These games often hadn't been used for years and likely weren't going to be used for another number of years. I thought I had found a perfect opportunity to bring these games back to life and help people find the nostalgic games they used to play, as I did. I started an old collection of all the games I ever played as a kid and all the games I had always wanted to play and continued selling all the games that I didn't add to my collection, often playing until I sold them. I was living my childhood dream, of having unlimited video games to play. It was like I had a video game store in my bedroom and I loved it, so I continued. I started taking trips to other parts of the south island to buy games from Dunedin, and Tekapo.

Eventually, I wanted to take my business to the next level, and I started an online store. I have dedicated more time to this website than anything else in my life and I never thought I would love it this much. I have many goals for the future but I'm taking it 1 step at a time.