About me

Welcome to Cash for Games, your one-stop shop for all your nostalgic necessities. With almost 1,000 games listed across all PlayStation & Xbox platforms, we are one of the biggest upcoming classic retro online stores in New Zealand. We are based in Christchurch and have an arranged pickup location in Halswell.

Hello, my name is Oliver and I've created Cash for Games. My vision is to bring old unused games, gathering dust, back to life. I started this hobby a few years ago when I went on a hunt for some games that filled my earliest memories, and not only did I get a couple of my favorite nostalgic games but I'd get a handful of games that were nostalgic to others, so I started selling those and used the money I would make to buy other collections that were gathering dust. Thus Cash for Games was born.

I started my only little collection of gems and continued to sell the games that weren't valuable to me, but maybe others. I continued this process and started buying games all across the South Island and hopefully in the future I can venture to the North Island for opportunities to find your childhood games!

I'm proud to say that I've provided the opportunity for hundreds of people to relive their earliest nostalgic gaming memories and hope to continue and expand infinitely!